Wednesday, July 11, 2007

one year

i like adding pictures to my blogs. makes it feel more like an editorial than a shameful peek into my personal thoughts.

on the dreaded 7-7-07 Aaron and i celebrated the anniversary of our first year of wedded bliss.
which by that way is lovely, but not with out many challenges. i think we have managed to cram into about 3 years what most people accomplish in about 10. both with hurdles and blessings.

two kids,a shit load of debt and a lot of communication left our heads in a constant spin.
i wonder if life will ever calm down or if it will always be chalked full of oddities for us..

Aaron fits me well. very well. freakishly well. he was nothing like any guy i had ever dated or been friends with. he is ever willing to change and accept new things. he listens so well and is a very introspective person. he is aware of his own faults and is aware of his strengths as well.
he is an amazing artist and a wonderful father.

it's pretty fucking amazing that we happened upon each other when we did. who knew my friends where right when they though a complete stranger would be perfect for me?

all in all a wonderful first year of marriage and a wonderful 3 years+ being together with the most perfect partner in crime.

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