Monday, February 25, 2008



this must be the month of torture.
i have this sore throat,chest cold and what i can only imagine is an urinary tract infection.

i just wanna go home. and fall into a coma and give myself some fucking rest.

i am rarely the person to get this sick. i mean i can't stand listening to those people. you know. the ones that are always sick and seem to constantly have some sort of annoying medical condition that would probably not exist if they would have been a little more proactive about their lifestyle? you know who i am talking about. the constant victim who can never seem to get above the weather.
i DO NOT want to be that person, but for the past fucking month i have been sick as hell and trying my ass off to keep it under wraps. i don't want to miss work i don't want to take medication and i don't want a fucking pity party.
but, god damn i am so sick of being sick.

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