Monday, February 11, 2008

dear god forsaken blog,

oh how i have abandoned my blog. i have left it in the attic of the internet and allowed it to collect dusty cob webs.
i have forsaken the blogger for the greener grasses of live journal and myspace.
what a whore i really am.

fortunately for you blog, no one actually reads this. so you wouldn't know what to miss anyway.

*le sigh*

it's been a few months. some time to let my hormones simmer and cool off from having kids. i'm still fatter than i would like to be and have way more on my plate than any one person should. how i manage is far beyond what i can comprehend with 100% of my brain.

the kids are getting along nicely. they are huge and sometimes it is painfully bitter sweet to see them grow from babies to little kids. i miss teeny tiny babies that are completely content being strapped to your side in a carrier all day.

now they run around, play and little miss beats up on her brother. too stinkin cute.

the mr. is still working awful hours and it is really taking it out of him he rarely has more than about 30 min a day to spend with us before he goes off to load his 16 tons. he provides so much for our family at the expanse of never being able to see us. i am so grateful that i have such a wonderful husband who is willing to sacrifice so much so that we can have a nice place to live and nice things.
he's so dreamy*

ok. then.

i am done talking
buh bye

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