Sunday, June 24, 2007

I don't know shit about shit

i rarely ever spell check either. i have a few people that constantly call me on this and i would just like it jotted down that i don't give a fuck. cause if it did i probably would have fixed it by now.

in other news...

apparently (this is not new news to me) my daughter hates sleep because she is a "high needs baby"
are you kidding me? aren't all babies technically high needs? i mean seriously. babies are needy that's why they have parents. i mean it's not as if i just crapped my kids out and the next day they were off to their full time job at the office.

i think that is what wrong with parents these days. they just assume their kids are this fully functioning machine that runs it's self. how could you expect a brand new person to just know how to sleep, eat and not shit them self?
everything a child knows they learn from the world around them. they learn to be impatient from their family, they learn to be abusive from their family they also learn to love and be loved from their family. this is why it is so important to be attentive to your kids needs.

you can imagine my surprise when i was advised that i had a "high needs" baby.
i said to myself "self, this is some ole bull shit. there already trying to put some sort of mental diagnosis on my kid and she's not even a year old." how about this... i am helping mold an already formed personality. she has her own schedule and a way that she does things. i mean i wouldn't expect my neighbor to keep the same eating, shitting and sleeping schedule as me. so why would i expect my kids to?
don't put so much thought into it. seriously. enjoy what you have when you have it. kids are awesome and a challenge but no one forced you to have them.


i have been doing a lot of thinking lately. mostly because we're so painfully broke right now that i have nothing to do but think. well that and crochet...which brings more thinking. thinking isn't bad it just brings up more shit that i have to deal with.

like in-laws, kids, playing, pets, cleaning, food making, bed making, car washing, self grooming, diaper changing, sleeping and getting everything done as well as working a full time job in what seems like an ever closing gap of a day.. i realise more and more as i blossom as a person that there is never enough time in a day. you just have to pick and choose the things that you really want to spend time doing and accept the rest as shit that will have to wait. if you're a control freak like me this shit is hard to accept.

i always feel like i have to cram so much shit junk and crap into one day and get it all done or i feel like an unproductive piece of shit.

this will change i am sure, but right now that is my struggle.

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Princess said...

You know what I love about you Jame, is that you use "shit," every other word. I worship you. You rule!

You should post more.

And for the record, if spelling mattered, then your blog would require you to spell check everything before posting. Gramm'r nahtzheez should go to hell anywayz. :)

Loves and kisses!