Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i got fucked by dick

so my husband aaron and i went to look at cars on sunday(06-10-07). we went to dick hannah to see if they had any dodge avengers. didn't really see any so the sales guy showed us our other choice which was a PT cruiser.

it's a 06 with 999 miles and still under factory warranty. sticker price was something close to $17,000.00. so that car guy takes into the show room does some finagling ( = fi·na·gle;to practice deception or fraud; scheme.) with some "lenders" and got us financed for the car. first they were asking 4,000 down with 260 payments a month. we told him 2,500 down 250 a month. then he said ok, 2,500 down but 350 a month 15.5% interest. ok that sounds reasonable.

so we get it down on paper. the guy in the "financing" department has us sign a stack of papers and gives us options for gap insurance and extended warranty. sweet ass. our payments go up to about 400 a month, but with an extended warranty(5 years something thousand miles) and gap insurance i can justify paying about 50 bucks more a month. the car is grinding gears from 4th to 3rd or the other way around. i don't know. i didn't drive it.

so they agree to get the tranny fixed then hand the car over to's still under warranty so it is free to get it fixed.
we pick the car up on tuesday.

drives like a well oiled vibrator. we think we're said and done good to go ready to be on our way to being the proud owners of a fancy new-ish pt cruiser.

wednesday i get a call from our friendly friends at dick hannah saying that something came up with financing and they need us to come back and sign some papers. just a formality i am assured. apparently the bank will only finance us for the price of the car. no extras like gap insurance or an extended warranty. ok,i can understand that. it's a pain in the ass, but i can understand it. yes, we did sign a CONTRACT with then for those things at that rate and were assured everything was fine.
(apparently they can change their contract with us any time, but it is 100% legally binding for us.)

well, aaron has to work graveyard and i am the only one who is able to come in and sign the papers.i go into the showroom am escorted into the "financial advisers" office and she sits me down and explains to me that the bank will only cover the cost of the car no extras. she wants me to sign immediately for this car.

she re-advises me that Washington has no "cooling off" period where you can renig on a contract. thats bull shit. it's a federal law that we(anyone) have the right to rescind a contract with in 72 hours of signing it. that it, unless you sign away that right to rescind by initialing a part of a contract that states you understand that washington has no "cooling off" period.

so while i have this rhino of a woman yakking in my ear i am relaying her information to aaron who agrees with me, that it's cool. we're essentially paying 50.00 less a month for the same car with the same interest. right? so aaron says this is kinda some bull shit that we have to re-sign this shit,but it's cool he just wants it in writing that the bank is approved and we're not going to have to come back to this polished hell hole until some money exchanges hands.

aaron is at work so i tell her that i will have to sign these papers then take them home to my husband who will also sign them. she gets approval from her manager for me to bring the papers home and have him sign them and bring them back to her.

she goes over the papers with me. re-noting the price of the car. the interest rate(15.5%) "which is great!" she says cause they got me at 15.5% where the bank wanted me at 16.9%. although she dwarfs me by about 7 inches in height and a good solid 80lbs i can tell that i make her nervous. i better make you nervous bitch. you're fucking with my money therefor in the long run fucking with my family.

i tell her i'm going to need this approval in writing. she seems more than happy to give me this piece of paper that says all the limits of our lenders lending and theres a little check by the word approved. she says "i'm not sure if i am supposed to make a copy of this for you so don't bring it back with you tomorrow" i have to come back to this place again to bring more papers and more information and more work and gas on my part to get you what you want from me. i understand. i am a very fucking understanding person. i am willing to do some work to get my shit. just don't jerk me around. i work in sales too. i know you don't get everything for nothing, but seriously.

so all is said and done we shake hands at each other and i go home. another night spent after work away from my kids. i got to see them for maybe 30 min then it was their bed time.

well i am more than just a little perturbed at how the numbers keep changing on us and why is it that a contract that i had to sign again on Wednesday 06-13-07 is dated 06-10-07?
sounds a little shady to me. maybe a type-o? lets hope.

next day(06-14-07)

i go to work come home talk with aaron about the papers and all the logistics of what we're signing. he understands. the bank will only finance the cost of the car no extras. price is still the same, interest rate is still the same, the car is still cool. aaron goes to work

i do not pass go, i do not pick up my babies from daycare and take them to the park and play, i go to dick hannah and bring in my paper work AGAIN. so it sit down with our friendly neighborhood Schei├če Slinger and we get down to explaining the papers again. i sign acknowledgement that we are not going to finance gap insurance or extended warranties with our loan. the monthly payment is going to go down about greasy little friend has noticed a discrepancy on our papers. oopies! apparently our payment has magicked it's self from being about 346 and some change to being 361 and some change and un oh! out interest rate went up.

oh no, this is all wrong he says. she must not have told me last night that the numbers changed. she didn't tell me last night. OH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA, how funny. last night when i was here. last night when i already went out of my way to come down here away from my kids and family. last night where she agreed with me that i was going to have a lower rate and keep the same interest. my interest rate sucks, why make it any worse?
last night when she told me they had it in writing that i was approved for this amount with this interest and this is all said and done.
this is starting to feel like a game of good cop bad cop.

our friendly loan friend excuses himself from my presence and leaves the room to go confer with an associate. he comes back with this other nervous guy in tow who says that he is the sales manager and he is sooooooo sorry for all of the misconceptions. he waves a couple of Starbucks gift cards in my face as a consolation for raising my interest rate my monthly rate and of course dropping my gap insurance and my extended warranty. hey that really makes up the diff there you fat fuck. sure makes up for paying 21,717 for a car with an asking price of 15,555...oh wait that changed too 14,444.i am quite sure it will change again.
so he prints a NEW contract up. with our NEW information and numbers on it. i look and the dates strangely enough reads 06-10-07, but today is 06-14-07. hrm...

so i tell him. i am going to come back in tomorrow with my husband and we're going to clear this up. i go home. i go to the park with my babies and i try to make the most of another evening that was wasted at the dick hannah dealership.

i won't have to deal with them again till tomorrow...or would i?

i get a call. it's Ezra. our "financier" he just wants me to know for legal reasons that i have 4 days to finalize everything and i still have the right to bring the car back if i can't find something that works, but he knows i don't want to do that. so he'll be more than happy to finalize everything right over the phone for me right now without any further delay.are you fucking with me? do you think that you're going to shawshank your way up my balloon knot because my husband isn't here to kick your dick in the dirt? do you have any idea that you're fucking with the actual mean one? i mean i am understanding to a point, but don't fuck with me.

i tell him that i am not about to make any snap decisions with out my husband. i tell him i will see him tomorrow and we are not moving forward with a motherfucking thing till i get in the sack with my husband.

go fuck yourself straight to hell.

i tell Aaron the strange turn of events and he calls the gent to give him what for.
once again i will be spending another night this week at dick Hannah.

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